What If Today…You Chose to Learn Something New?

Today is a guest post by Joe Passkiewicz who has a blog called Leading by Serving  www.leadingbyserving.com  that discusses leadership and life principles through serving others.  Joe believes that leadership is for everyone!


The alarm goes off.  As your eyes begin to focus, you grieve your pillow and fight to break the chains of the comfortable bed.  Another day at the salt mines as they say.  You hit the shower and think about how sick and tired you are of doing the same thing over and over again… 

The same drive to work.

The same manager greeting you there.

The same work over and over again.

The same old routine.

Life can just wear you down.  Although you know that you really are good at what you do, the repetitive nature of life can turn the world to black and white.  All the color of life washes out to gray.  You know your talent is a blessing and that you earn a reasonable living and this provides you with a level of security in a world that seems increasingly less dependable.  Yet, you yearn for something else.  Some color.  Some excitement.  Something to fill in the blanks.

How about learning something new…?

What would be your choice – guitar or piano?

I have been pondering music lessons.  I love music, yet I avoided the typical youth music lessons as my parents didn’t push them on me.  Learning an instrument may seem like a tall order for someone in their early 50s, yet I know that learning something new adds a special vitality to my life.  Something new provides me with a goal to think about as I go through my days in the “salt mine”.  This kind of pursuit is not new to me.  I have worked hard to master many things that intrigued me. 

Cabinet making, making bread from scratch and growing dahlias in Florida to name a few of my adventures. 

Each presented a unique challenge with specific difficulties and special rewards for success.  What I have found is that it’s not really the final destination– it’s the journey that makes it special.  The process of success, failure and refinements as you improve your process and techniques are the things that have kept me moving forward.  If it was easy or if I used a recipe, it would not have gripped my attention.

I can’t tell you how many pieces of wood I ruined or the amount of bad bread or dead dahlias I have produced along the way.  Yet, every now and then, I’ll get a glimpse of success.  Everything will come together to produce an exquisite result.  This is all I need to keep striving to find the little secrets and subtle techniques required to really master the task.

Cabinet making- A sharp blade is a must.  You can’t make up for splintered wood.

Bread- Need moisture in the oven as it bakes or the bread will not rise.  

Dahlias- Grow them in a shady spot in Florida, morning sun only and grow in a pot of rich soil.

Each set back presents a fork in the road.  The choice to persevere and overcome or throw in the towel and give up.  The more challenging the goal the more it grips me.  Can I do it?  Will I be able to really do this right so I can consistently produce a superior result?  

Success is the goal- yet the challenge and the journey are really the keys!

So are you up to a new challenge?  Do you find yourself mired in the monotony of the day-to-day march?  Maybe it’s time for you to try something new. Something that’s not easy.    Something that will help to bring the color back.  Are you ready to venture out?

  • What are some of the barriers that you have experienced to trying something new?
  • Can you relate to my feelings on the need to add color back to your life?  
About Joe Passkiewicz

Joe Passkiewicz is a construction executive for LandSouth Construction with over 30 years experience in construction management.  Joe specializes in the development and implementation of standardized policies and procedures, development of ISO 9000 compliant quality assurance programs, process engineering using LEAN and Six Sigma principals, employee accountability and engagement programs, benchmarking and statistical analysis.

Joe is a member of the board of directors for the Rough Cut Men Ministries and is on the advisory board for Here to There Ministries and The Martha Project.  Joe is also active and a contributor in charities including Builders Care, The City Rescue Mission,  MS Society, and the American Cancer Society.

 Twitter: @JoePasskiewicz
Facebook: Joe

8 thoughts on “What If Today…You Chose to Learn Something New?

  1. Me and my man both needed this today he will be taking art classes in sketching/drawing I’m joining the pool for water aerobics,i learned how to drive a35 foot bus this year and it wasn’t easy paying all the test you have to take but i did it and now I’m a School bus driver for challenged kids,Betsy cross is mutt long time chum

  2. I always see to have my fingers into learning something new..usually something messy! One of these days I’ll learn to let my brain get ahead of my hands, might keep things neater!

    Great Post Joe, and nice to meet you!

    As Always ~*~

    • i think it’s so funny, Brian, that you started down one road and found something that you are really good at and that people are enjoying. Your writing is so fun! Woodworking? Did you ever show pictures on your blog of some of your creations?

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