What If Today…He Peed In His Toy Box?

“Young boys should never be sent to bed…they always wake up a day older.” ~ J.M.Barrie, Finding Neverland

Yup. The title says it all.

He peed in the toy box and it was finally discovered a few days later after his older brother spilled the beans.

Twenty-five years ago I think I would have reacted differently. I would have seen it as an act of treason or mutiny or disrespect of the highest degree.

Someone would have walked the plank.

Now it means nothing more to me than evidence that a 4-year old was having a moment in his own Neverland, and no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be able to understand that world again even though I’d lived in it myself for at least 365 days.

And you know that when it comes to little boys the worst thing you can do, unless you want to encourage more of the same behavior, is react. A smile is fine. But they know me too well. If they can get me to laugh they’ll have received the stamp of approval for a repeat performance.

So, as everyone was busy doing morning things, I cleaned it out and threw away a lot of toys, and soaked Legos in sudsy bleach ’cause we think they’re keepers.

Fast forward to mid-day yesterday. In the midst of doing stuff that will never amount to much except keeping chaos at bay, I learned that a friend’s pee is flowing freely for the first time in years. That’s big news. He was so excited about it that he called the dialysis center to tell all the doctors and nurses that had tended to him for such a long time until yesterday.

Two days earlier he was sitting in a wheelchair, hooked up to a machine.  But then his mother called in the middle of his treatment to tell him that a kidney was ready for him.

Come home.

He left, got a transplant later the next day, and is  now in recovery. He’ll turn 24 sometime in the next twelve months. It’s safe to bet that he’ll go a long way on that kidney. I’d like to think that he’d give my boy a high-five for peeing in the toy box ’cause that ability means so much more to him now.

But then the reality struck: if he’d received a kidney, then somebody else had died. My joy turned to melancholy as I contemplated what had happened – how the puzzle pieces of a death and a life fit together perfectly.

Somewhere in another part of the country two parents are grieving the loss of their 35-yr.-old son who died suddenly of a heart attack . He was an organ donor. They’ll bury him without one of his kidneys and every other organ that he donated.

I’ll bet they’re treasuring the memories of him doing silly things when he was 4-yrs.-old and are very happy that they didn’t take it all too seriously. I’d like to believe that that’s how it’s going for them.

Kinda puts a new spin on peeing in a toy box. Doesn’t it?


8 thoughts on “What If Today…He Peed In His Toy Box?

  1. I prayed for the comfort of the parents that lost their 34 year old son. I prayed for your friend who received the kidney transplant.

    Why did you need to bleach the toys? [grin] Generally speaking, I think pee is almost a disinfectant.

    • HA! The smell was awful! All of a sudden I could smell it. It was like cat pee!
      Thanks for the prayers. Advances in medicine are amazing at prolonging life. But I often reflect on the other side of the coin. One person’s blessing is sometimes another’s sacrifice. It’s so important to stay aware of that and to find time for gratitude…even for the gift of something as simple as pee.

    • I know! Silly to serious, Misty! Right? Life is way too precious to get mad over silly things. I miss you sooooo much! Just yesterday I was thinking, “Its about time I get her address. I have a drawing to send to her!” So…..what is your address? PM on Facebook with it?

  2. It’s hard to keep things in perspective sometimes. And you’re right, there are worse things than cleaning a kid’s pee, but keeping The Big Picture in mind while scrubbing pee is not the easiest thing in the world…

    • Perhaps that’s why I was blessed with a sense of humor? It serves me well when I can tap into it. Some days it takes a while! I have conflicting thoughts that I wrestle with. I’m sure I’m not alone it it either. One thought says, “What a mess! And a good mom would make him clean it up himself!, etc.” The other one ignores it and moves on, all the while wondering if she’s raising irresponsible kids. The last thought is a balance of the two…praise him for his aim and then have fun cleaning it up together!
      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Betsy..You’re Awesome..I had girls, but they had cats and ..ditto the toy box….but then the girls had boys…lol..G’sons..ditto again! But by then, not much phases a Gramma! I always had to laugh though!

    As Always ~*~..

    • I thought it was the cat’s fault when I started to smell it. But the cat isn’t like that. James has a few lessons to learn from the cat. But then he’d be peeing outside. I can’t have that. LOL!

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