What If Today…You Chose to Delegate?

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.” ~ Ronald Reagan

If the cat doesn’t get fed, he’ll die or run away with the field mice.

If the laundry doesn’t get washed we might get a visit from Social Services, just because they’re wondering…

Cleaning the fridge has to be done regularly unless mold is what’s for dinner.

I can see what needs to be done in my little corner of the world and for years I was juggler extraordinaire. When spinning plates started dropping I knew it was time.

Get some help or get rid of some plates.

Flashback 18 years.

Snuggling in the crook of my arm and sleeping blissfully, my brand new baby girl was startled awake by the ringing of the phone that never should have been activated in the hospital room ’cause you don’t mess with new moms who haven’t slept.

“Quick question. How do you run this dishwasher?”

Quicker answer. “Ask Brody.”

Brody was in Kindergarten. I’d taught him to run the dishwasher because he was old enough and because it made him feel useful.

“Really? He knows how?”

Yes. People can be given responsibilities. They are capable of learning. You have to train them and follow up with them. But if you hold them accountable long enough they’ll follow through. And if they don’t there’s always the swamp.

I don’t wear all of those clothes, eat all the food that occupied those dishes, or sleep in all of those unmade beds.

But my brain tells me to put it all in order or it’ll remind me that it isn’t and not let me focus on anything that I really want to do until I listen and obey. There are probably meds for that. But I don’t do meds or psychotropic drugs that make food and laundry your friends, chattering and sharing deep thoughts about their worth.

However,  if I delegate successfully I can sit and eat bon bons and write fanciful tales to make myself laugh. And imagine the satisfaction of seeing the self-confidence that’ll grow in the hearts and souls of my delegatees?

How could anyone in their right mind deprive someone of that?

Quick question:

  • Do you delegate well?

4 thoughts on “What If Today…You Chose to Delegate?

  1. Betsy, I am starting to wonder about you…….drugs that make food and laundry your friends, chattering and sharing deep thoughts about their worth…..very interesting. 🙂

    This is a great story because it demonstrates so well what is so poorly done in business to remain effective and manage growth. Thanks. Where are my bon bons?

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