What If Today…Was It?

“There is a strange reluctance  on the part of most people to admit they enjoy life.”  ~William Lyon Phelps

I love music and how it touches the deepest parts of me. So, I’m sharing this video to hopefully take you to that place inside of you where gratitude resides. Where the calm and beauty of life isn’t affected by the noise of the world. Where today is wonderful and tomorrow will be what tomorrow is…tomorrow.

May you be one of the ones today and tomorrow who admits that it’s a wonderful life and welcomes the new year with an attitude of gratitude for today.


10 thoughts on “What If Today…Was It?

  1. Love israel’s voice and the beautiful Hawaiian scenery , both very insprational. Scarey though to see the advancing obesity as he aged …and of course died at age 38 due to overeating. What a shocking waste. His ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ is also very beautiful.

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