What If Today …You Felt Appreciated?



Samantha Bangayan  – What Little Things – made me smile the other day when she included me and six others in her post, An Inspiring Blogger and Expat In Peru.”  And I’m paying that smile forward. In the grand scheme of things perhaps it doesn’t mean much. But it meant something to me. It meant that I was appreciated for showing up and contributing something to the pot called the blogospere.

There are rules to follow if you choose to pay it forward:

  1.  Highlight 7 other bloggers.
  2.  Include 7 words or phrases.
  3.  Share 7 little-known facts about myself (Oh, joy!)

Bloggers first.

It’s hard to limit my list of bloggers that I appreciate and who inspire me to seven. I’ve  been inspired by all of them. Why else would I follow them? I’m sharing the ones that come through my email regularly, that I open, read, and actually comment on.

  1. Billy Coffey – www.billycoffey.com
  2. Charles R. Hales – “Artists Without Walls,”  storiesconnectloveheals.com
  3. Vanessa (I don’t know her last name!) – “One Thousand Single Days,” onethousandsingledays.com
  4. Jack Steiner – “Words Left Unwritten,” welovejack.wordpress.com
  5. Stan Faryna – “The unofficial Blog of Stan Faryna,” stanfaryna.wordpress.com
  6. Amber-Lee Dibble – “The ULTIMATE Alaska Adventure,” pioneeroutfitters.com
  7. Ralph Dopping – “The View From Here,” theviewfromhere.ca
  8. Brian Meeks – “Extremely Average (“Touched”),” extremelyaverage.com

7  Words or phrases I like in any language(s) – I chose 1 in 7 languages:

  1. delicious
  2. delicieux (French)
  3. lecker (German)
  4. delizioso (Italian)
  5. delicioso (Portuguese)
  6. deilig (Norwegian)
  7. delicioso (Spanish)

7  little-known facts about me

1. I’ve never bought a pair of socks for myself, have no sock drawer, and frequently borrow socks if I need a pair.

2. I don’t like diamonds or any jewels and will wear the same pair of earrings for a year or until one falls out of my ear, or if I see one of my daughters wearing a pair I like and succeed at getting them to take them off so I can put them on. An heirloom or sentimental piece  will catch my attention, though.

3. I love to eat, dance , and draw, but don’t like art museums (except to study lines and brush strokes), going to the ballet (except to study feet), or to cook if I have to follow a recipe.

4. If I think I’m getting too big for my britches I’ll go to a store and consciously watch old people and what they put in their shopping cart as they shuffle down the aisles.

5. I became an artist because my 1st grade teacher criticized my “lollipop” trees, and a dancer because Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) said she did some ballet and I thought she was beautiful.

6. I’m secretly working on cloning a genetically modified breed of dog that doesn’t poop because I really love dogs but not the poop.

7. If I had one wish I’d probably give it away…’cause it would be more fun.


I appreciate being appreciated. I hope you can appreciate that. I also appreciate your indulgence today. Have a good one!





8 thoughts on “What If Today …You Felt Appreciated?

  1. Thanks Betsy. Even Mr. CARE ( Ha ) needs to read stuff like this. Fantastic. I am following some of your list. Will check out the others. Thanks again for CARE-ing. Have a wonderful day !


  2. Betsy, I do understand. Really!
    It fills my heart for days to know someone named ME… out of all the amazing and inspiring and intelligent people there is too choose from! I know that my own world is expanding that to say it is “filled” with these people isn’t accurate because there is ALWAYS room for more and it seems to me that the more I can share, the more people who come to mean so much to me, the more there is…

    YOU are one of the most inspiring, caring people I know, and I am honored to be confident in calling you my friend. Betsy, do you know how much you have taught me, with your words and gentle ways?

    I came to read, cause I do, and I was blown away that you would include me. Thank you.
    And I do feel appreciated.

  3. Hi, Betsy, congrats on being appreciated not only by Sam, one of the loveliest persons I met through blogging, you are so generous and unique as have those little known facts about you revealed!

    And a very happy weekend to you!

  4. You are SOO appreciated, Betsy! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face and for passing this award on. =) I can so identify with how you wear earrings. Now, instead of earrings, I have a single necklace that I have on all the time. It’s a family heirloom, but I only think that it’s part laziness that keeps me from taking it off. =)

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