What If Today…You Named This Post?


21 years ago with the first two of 9 children, Allison and Brody

“James is supposed to be in Kindergarten.”

“Why?” I asked as I drove into the night.

“Because I’m in first grade,” Kenny said with an unexpressed “Duh”.

“But he has to be five,” I answered.


James’ll enter Kindergarten in the Fall, later this year.

That teeny weeny conversation was all it took to open the floodgates. I was glad it was dark and that we were almost home. Yeah, I’m a baby, and I cry easily when a certain spot in my heart is touched.

Touch the part of my heart where “Lasts” live and I’ll wander off for a while. And when I come back I’ll look deeper into your soul as you speak, and hold on tighter when I hug you.

I believe in Forever, but I value Life, too.

I treasure the feelings that children’s belly laughs and strange jokes give me.

I love how puddles tempt them to swim, even in the dead of Winter, and how wet shoes and neighbor’s gasps are sacrifices they make without a second thought.

Again, I could go on and on, but I have another thought to wrap things up here today.

I got a notification in my email this morning about someone’s new job via Linkedin. Do you want to know what my knee-jerk reaction was?

I wanted to have some fun and add “Brings to-die-for brownies to all get-togethers, meetings, and important events.”  to my profile. I wanted to shake things up and play.

I still might.

Will that ruin my professional reputation? Hmm? Let’s see…. as Pooh would say, tapping his head, “Think, think, think…”

I’m a mom.

Don’t think so.

Go enjoy a child today. 🙂


8 thoughts on “What If Today…You Named This Post?

  1. I like the donkey (Can’t figure out how to spell his name!!). Ee-or… anyhow, time does seem to be speeding up, Betsy. Like, A LOT… My little baby girl, my Alaska Chick-let, is beginning to read. Sigh.

    • I know so many Eeyores! LOL! He’s a great straight “man”. I love Eeyore’s birthday party. Pooh eats the honey gift, and gives him an empty jar. Piglet runs with the balloon for him, pops it, but still gives it to him as a gift. Eeyore acts all glum, but he’s so happy putting in and taking out the deflated balloon from the “useful pot” that Pooh gave him.
      Even though the years are passing too quickly, I’m also tired and ready. Sort of sad to admit to my doneness with this stage of my life which actually felt like 3 separate ones! But I won’t wish it away too soon either. 🙂
      I want to come see her before she’s all grown up!

  2. Nine? You have nine?? Wow, and I can barely manage with my two, the youngest of which will also be starting K in the fall. I should live so long to become a grandmother! It’s funny that it still gets you – I cried when my first one went in on the first day of school, but with this one I’m usually like,”OK go have fun…and good luck to you!”

    • And to think I never dreamed of having children! AND that I still feel like there’s 1 more waiting to come!
      But, you know what, Julie? I watch my family – whoever is in the room at the time – watch and wait for the tears. They expect it now and I think that they’re very amused by it. But they seem to be slightly disappointed and mildly offended when there aren’t any! LOL!
      But what’s just as interesting to me is that we are all very independent of each other.It’s just nice knowing that we’re sharing our life together.
      I’m very aware of how easy it is to take people for granted. I don’t know why that is..A therapist could make a good living off of me!!

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