“Speech is silver, silence is golden, or as I might rather express it,

Speech is of Time, Silence is of Eternity.”

Thomas Carlyle

In the aftermath of tragedy and in the midst of grief and pain, silence focused on beauty can calm and edify best.


12 thoughts on “Silence

    • Yes. I can be a taler. Anyone who knows me, gets that! But when I’m needing to process pain, the best thing for me is to go outside and stare at nature, feel the weather, and stay put til I’m calm.

  1. Some people only like silver. Some like silver and gold. Some only gold. When I use my silver tongue, I sometimes get in big trouble when only gold can make things better, so I use prayer and repentance.Their are people who do not like silver or gold .Interresting.

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Barbara! I understand the need to talk. I was struck this morning by the incessant “talking” about the tragedy on tv and the Internet. I noticed how I felt like crying and the crying wasn’t helping. Knowing that what is done is done and life goes on seemlessly for those who were killed and not so seemlessly for those who were injured or lost loved ones, I was getting caught up in the past that is unchangeable. I knew immediately that for me, silence was the best balm for my soul to heal my thoughts and make for a better present and future. Does that make sense???

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