Enthusiasm…God Within Us

“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm; it moves stones, it charms brutes. Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity, and truth accomplishes no victories without it.” ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Sometimes God speaks, grabbing you by the heart and mind, and takes you on wonderful journeys where you start at one end of the rainbow and end up at the pot of gold.

I was upset. (Translation: I had a problem that I needed to solve.)

Driving to get my mom to take her to work, trying to avoid potholes while sorting through thoughts fueled by recent upsetting events, one thought stuck: Betsy, you need your own car. I almost dismissed it because I felt like one for the family was enough and the only two cars I’ve ever desired were impractical – a red Ford 1950’s pick-up truck, and a Volkswagen Bug.

Impression #2: Why don’t you just drive through the lot? It’s on the way to your mom’s anyways.

Five minutes later, I drove in one end, completely bored with the cars that were sitting there, made the turn left to the exit, satisfied that I’d tried, and…there it was. My yellow VW Beetle!

I jumped out of the car, ran inside, and talked to Mike about it, making him promise to hide it in the woods so that no one would buy it before I could come back with some money. Problem was I had no money. What was I doing car shopping?!!

However, what I lacked in my pocketbook I made up for with enthusiasm! And that, my friends is a necessary ingredient in all deals, large and small. Without it there has to be a lot of convincing. With it miracles happen.

I brought my mom back and we sat down with Mike and another young man, Mike’s assistant, and listened to the details of the car, none of which I heard because I was in love and had found my car – one I’d held out for my whole life! You see, I’ve never bought a car for myself.

Two weeks later, with money borrowed from my mom, a lot of laughs with Mike, and delayed paperwork patiently waited for and signed, my car is sitting in my driveway.

Want to hear the funniest part of this whole adventure?

I don’t know how to drive a standard! And it’s a standard!

So, what did I learn?

I felt the distinct impression of an important new direction to take in my life accompanied by an undeniable enthusiasm that entertained and overcame all doubt as I moved forward. I had doubts and almost backed out of the deal a few times, especially when there were delays and enthusiasm waned.

But when those doubts surfaced I remembered the ride to my mom’s and the flow of events and feelings that culminated in seeing my little car, waiting for me in the lot. Because I wasn’t looking for just any car, but was specific in what I knew would amount to a “meant to be” for me, I knew it when I saw it, and there was no denying the feelings.

The enthusiasm I felt that day has always accompanied “right” decisions in my journeys. It feels as if the conduit between Heaven and me is open, pouring energy into me that bubbles out in laughter and positive thinking / acting and lights up everyone in it’s path.

Things, big things, get done when enthusiasm is present.

One good thought will lead you one step at a time toward what you want, even if you’ve forgotten what that is.

Your heart knows what you want. You just have to trust it and have some fun. There is nothing in the world that compares to the feeling of inspiration that moves you faster than your little legs can carry it, or that makes you speak so fast that people have to ask you to slow down and explain, but you’re too revved up to make any sense.

 You never know when it’ll hit, but you’ll feel it. And it’s not the kind of thing you wish or search for. It’s just there. You know it when you feel it.

It’s too big for your body but makes you feel completely alive.

Such is God.

I have to thank my mom and a few other friends who encouraged me and shared this life-changing event with me. This was a hard decision to make because,,,well, it was new. And new is hard.

See my car?! This is the view from my living room window. I think I’ll name him Sunshine!

20130703_053237 (1)


6 thoughts on “Enthusiasm…God Within Us

    • Meg! You came! HA! Yesterday was magical for me! Spending time with you was awesome! I went home peaceful and inspired. And, yes! My car is gorgeous. I drive arounf the neighborhood with my window down and yell out, “Aren’t I CUTE?!” HAHA! Having a blast! I still secretly wish I’d received the pink shag steering wheel and seat covers!

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