Sun People

“There are your fog people & your sun people, he said. I said I wasn’t sure which one I was. Fog’ll do that to you, he said.” ~ Brian Andreas, Story People


That was the only answer she’d been given for months and she really had no idea what she was waiting for. But waiting was a useless thing for her. Why wait when she could do something with the ideas in her mind?  All she knew for sure was changing big things wasn’t working for some reason, and apparently The Man Upstairs saw something significant unfolding which only he could see from his perspective.

As the months slipped away she grew more grateful that she’d waited. She’d walked straight into what she’d hoped was an oasis only to learn that it was another of her fantasies with no nourishment or life-giving water for her parched and hungry soul.

However, “things” weren’t getting done and she was starting to feel lazy and altogether useless to the world.

Then, much to her surprise, she got an additional piece of direction:


Prepare for what?

She sat and sat and sat some more, getting an itchy feeling. Having been left to fill in the blanks, she asked for just a tad bit more direction. Seems the heavens were toying with her, but she’d found them in a generous mood and was given one more piece to the ever-growing puzzle:

“Empty out.”

That was something she knew how to do. By the end of the day her plan was in full swing; plans had been made for all the stuff she’d been sharing her home with for years. She went the extra mile and said goodbye to all of her wishes, dreams, fantasies, and projects waiting for her to show up and play.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ve emptied out. And I’m tired. One more thing: I don’t care any more about the things I thought I cared about. This “waiting and preparing” thing is exhausting. But, thank you for the permission to “empty out.” If you don’t mind, I think I’ll go for a swim.”

“Exactly,” he whispered.

“Twit!” she laughed back.

And then the joy and the unexpected came to sit next to her in her new found empty places.


8 thoughts on “Sun People

      • Oh Betsy how you speak to my soul. Just loved it. God sure does give you the beautiful worlds. It was so strange ,I have been sitting out on my deck this morning and the most beautiful Red sun arose and I had wanted to share with everyone and here you are with your beautiful words to make my day more wonderful. I will go and start clearing out “thing” today..Thank you .

      • I’m always so impressed by the pictures you share, Mary Ann! Thanks for being my friend! Yesterday I was out in the broiling sun, weeding furiously before I got scorched and up drove Meredith and Julie – neighbors. “You should go jump in Linda’s pool!” they said, and drove away! You guys are all so fun! I didn’t go…but I thought about it!
        Good luck purging! My goal is to live in one of these..perhaps 2 ’cause I have kids!

  1. “I don’t care any more about the things I thought I cared about.”

    Betsy, that is so beautiful and feels as though it was written for me. Mostly because it is so true. Thanks for another beautiful post.


    • That was an interesting line to have come to me, Darrell! But as soon as I wrote it I knew it was very true for me. Not that I never cared…I just didn’t care any MORE!
      Thanks for the visit!

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