Use Your Smile to Change the World

I’m leaving in a second – out the door for another day. But I wanted to share something before I go. If I don’t I know the feelings related to it will fade.

So, here goes…

People in general are living their own lives in their own worlds. We make up stories about why they show up the way that they do in ours, but mostly we don’t really know the truth about why they do what they do or even what they’re thinking or feeling when we pass in a hallway or sit beside us in a waiting room, bus, or library.

We just make up stories.

But here’s the truth;

We can change our world – at least how we perceive it.

Yesterday I was watching people. Again. I watched a janitor mopping a hallway. I watched a man pushing a gurney out of the elevator along the same hallway. There was the young woman behind the counter of my favorite pizza place, and a man unloading a semi at my favorite bagel shop – the one I stopped at for two Asiago cheese bagels, one for me, one for my friend.

At first they all seemed so consumed with their own stuff, and I felt disconnected from them and invisible. They barely made eye contact. And that was fine with me.

And then I started holding their gaze a few seconds longer than they were comfortable. But instead of looking away I smiled and said hi. I started to change. I felt so happy. And everyone around me seemed happier. I didn’t even care that I might be making them uncomfortable. It was so much fun!

After my friend and I spent a few hours together she said, “You make me so happy I just want to kiss you all over!” to which I clapped and laughed. That was the strangest statement, but I knew exactly what she meant!

It’s fun to be alive. As far as anyone knows I’m having the time of my life on earth (which I am).

What’s crazy is that I keep getting caught eating pizza while daydreaming at my favorite outdoor spots.

Must be my little yellow car. 🙂

Have a good one.

Go make someone uncomfortable by smiling and getting happy in their face. It’s fun. It’ll change your day.

(Sorry. No time for Spell Check)


18 thoughts on “Use Your Smile to Change the World

  1. Hi Betsy!

    Please take this as a compliment! You remind me so much of my wife!

    I am officially nicknaming you “Suzy-Sunshine II”!

    Have a great weekend!


    • My mom’s name is Susanne! LOL! She doesn’t like her name. So, you’ll have to stick with Betsy Sunshine or I’ll have all sorts of bad and angry thoughts! LOL! You have a great weekend, too, Darrell, and send some good vibes for some interesting posts for me to write! I’m sort of floundering here!

      • You tell Jenny (right?) to call me (774-228-2182) or email me at I’d love to hear her story. She’s going to “kill” you, Darrell! LOL!

        I’m serious! I have to leave soon for the afternoon, but we’ll be home tonight and I get up at 4. I’m calling your bluff! HA!

  2. Looking at you and Grinning..thinking we could get in a whole lot of funny situations on a road trip..and wishig we lived closer..I’d love to spend a day smiling with you!!

    As Always ~*~

      • Life is fun. My friend (the one I mentioned) told me today that I make her laugh. I scratched my head. “No…YOU make yourself laugh!” I love people with ADD and weird things. They are so funny, especially if they love life.You have to be able to be spontaneous and not worried about consequences. I think you’re like that. We’ll see. :)!! (I can’t wait to see how many mistakes I made without spell check! LOL!)

  3. Betsy, Good lord, if she hasn’t killed me yet she never will! I’ll have her give you a ring and you can out-happiness each other!


  4. Ah, Betsy, what a lovely story and so true: reading your post made me smile and looking at that smiling girl face made my own light up big time.
    I went to a food market yesterday and it was such a great experience: friendly smiling people who modestly and proudly exhibited their own products and enjoyed to answer any questions. The world would be a better place if everybody heeded your call to smiles. Have a happy Sunday!

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