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We are so careful. We set them up high, behind glass, away from clumsy fingers – appendages dangling from Innocence and Wonder.

We wrap them up tenderly and tuck them away for Important Times, Celebrations,Parties, and Worship.

We teach the Little Ones with curious and clumsy hands that these  things are Special; they mean something. They represent what we value and hold memories that we cherish.

Don’t touch!

Just Look.

Breaking HAS to be avoided!

And once in a while, when there is opportunity in the quietness of her little world, she touches and sometimes breaks the beloved thing. Wedged right between the moment before and after it shatters mercilessly on the floor at her feet, there is truth.With eyes wide open in awe, she sees it and feels it.

Where once it was whole and beautiful, it is now shattered and reflecting light from hundreds of scattered shards that expose a reflective inner beauty that was imperceptible before the fall.

But no one else sees it.

There is sadness, anger, and a flourish of sweeping away, and an explosion of lament instead. She forgets  the truth and spends her life being careful so as never to break anything ever again. But when the inevitable happens, she doesn’t remember to look for the truth born from getting closer to the beauty.


She comes to you in tears and questioning, feeling broken and shattered herself:

“He said I’m stupid….

….an idiot




…you name your pain.”

And you ask her how that feels and why? Her tears say the words that she is too inexperienced to share. Those things can’t be true, they say to her heart!

But she still wonders…

“Perhaps your heart was broken on the outside,” you suggest, “so that you could see the beauty of who you are on the inside. Where once you thought you were whole, now you can really see how much light and beauty shines out of you without even trying! Where once you were beautiful, now you’re magnificent!”

Just a thought.


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