I woke up at 3 am this morning because my new little kitties willed it to be so.

I walked through the darkness and made my way downstairs as they followed. I was on automatic again, doing my routine stuff when I opened the bathroom door and there they sat waiting for me. They looked up at me with big green eyes and I stopped and looked back at them. We made our way to my overstuffed chair in the living room and got comfortable – Onyx at my neck, Noir curled up at my feet. I listened as the slow purring started and immediately melted into the day. What a gift they have become. A gift of awakening in many ways. Their presence opened up my heart and gave me a few thoughts to share with you:

What if today you knew who you really were, where you came from, and what would make you feel connected and alive?

What if everything inside you shifted and your eyes were opened to see things as they really are…who YOU are?

What if you found a way to never be shaken from your center again – to feel so secure in the world that no matter the strength of the whirlwind circling you, you felt steadfast and immoveable even if you had to sit still with arms wrapped tightly around bruised knees, sitting on cold ground every once in a while?

I feel that way all the time.

I have a knowing inside that tells me I have “God DNA” and so do you. I’m made of the same stuff and come from the same place as joy and light and love. I am connected to all things and everyone as you are, too.

My gift is that I know it.

The ocean, the trees, the wind – they all know me, I think better than I know myself. I can feel it. On my walks or swims or even driving, when I open my spiritual eyes – the ones that have a veil over them that I have to consciously part – the world becomes a different and more real place. Everything in it is a teacher, a friend, a gift that reminds me of who I really am and why I’m here. I remember how precious and perfect each moment is, how incredible and unique every soul I meet or pass by is, and that I can deepen my joy as I choose to experience all of it as the spirit whispers how.

My challenge is that I forget that sometimes and I’m not sure how that happens. Maybe it’s supposed to be that way so that I’ll treasure remembering?

But when I remember, I feel it again. I feel the life in life. I see the beauty in the simple things. I once again know who I am.

And heaven smiles.


8 thoughts on “God DNA

  1. I understand that knowing is a challenge for some, but my challenge is in being, doing and living truth, goodness and beauty.

    I don’t understand why knowing, believing and speaking it is not living it. Why can’t things be different?Why can’t a single assent and surrender to it be enough and our actions and thoughts be neatly, effortlessly and obediently organized by these higher laws?

    Knowing it puts us close enough to see it right there in the world and enjoy it in a brief moment, but yet all that knowing is still not living it. Belief, I find, is not enough just as a spoken “I love you” is not enough, is not all that love is or can be and is, in fact, almost nothing at all.

    How many times have we said, I love you, and it was not forever? Nor did we stand by the beloved in times of trouble, inconvenience or in the face of things that put us at risk, hardship or jeopardy – if we had stood by them?

    Countless are my failures, excuses and self-deceits.

  2. Beautiful and inspiring thoughts! I find your words “I remember how precious and perfect each moment is, how incredible and unique every soul I meet or pass by is ………………………” very touching!
    Thank you!

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