All about moi…

Sometimes you just get a thought that you have to develop and share. I love that! Most of my inspirations come when I’m on a walk or in the early quiet of the morning when the rest of the world is asleep. Truth be told, I need a good challenge to get me thinking and pondering, delving deep into the simple, discovering unseen complexities.

I love the lessons I have had in and from nature. Somewhere I have journals full of my observations of things like fire, water and trees. But, I might not have them any more because I gave up my pack-rat ways many moves ago. I don’t like boxes. You know?

If you’re reading this then we’re bound to talk someday. I look forward to the stories you have to tell.

Thanks for dropping in. Hope you have a good time while we visit. Know that you’re always welcome, and often missed.


2 thoughts on “All about moi…

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